The general mission of this network, owned and operated by Columbus Media Group, Inc. is to provide an open source of talk, variety, music, culture to the community with the latest technology and world-wide connections. Columbus Television is dedicated to serving an uplifting and educational departure from fake tv.

Columbus Television is a privately-owned, free to the public, streaming educational and entertainment channel dedicated to the wide variety of events, personalities and possibilities available in the surrounding area and worldwide.

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Columbus Television is broadcasting on the web 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have continual programming that supports the mission of Colmbus Televeision and offeres innovative and creative opportunities for anyone. COLS>TV is soon to be seen in over 30 countries around of the world and is expandinng ist local overage. Our iTunes, ROKU, Apple and Android Apps, and device-presence is gorwing with podcstsa dnseries that focus on tppics of intersst to a wide range of vieweres.

There is no doubt that Columbus Television will continue to grow.

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